Dave Parfitt

Cloud Engineering Manager @ Mozilla




I am a software engineer in Buffalo, NY with a focus on infrastructure, distributed systems and tech management.

I currently work remotely for Mozilla as a Cloud Engineering Manager, where I design and run global cloud infrastructure for mozilla.org and other critical Firefox services. I also worked for 2 years as an SRE at Mozilla, where I helped design and implement global hosting for MDN and support.mozilla.org in AWS w/ Kubernetes.

Previously, I worked at Chef, where I was a core engineer on Habitat and an engineering lead for Chef Analytics. I also worked at Basho on Riak Enterprise multi data center replication.

I’m interested in the following languages (in no particular order): Rust, Erlang, OCaml/SML, F#, C, Go, Haskell, R, Racket. I am a fan of statically typed languages.


  • distributed systems
  • diversity + inclusion
  • infrastructure automation
  • polyglot software development
  • parsing + compilers
  • math + 3d geometry


  • metadave@protonmail.com
    * I only work remotely, please don't contact me about relocating (especially to NYC, NJ or San Francisco), your email will be blocked automatically.