A Kubernetes-aware bash prompt

If you manage multiple Kubernetes deployments, this little trick can show you the current Kubernetes context as part of your bash prompt. Edit your ~/.bash_profile or ~/.bashrc with the following: function kube_context() { # could have used $?, but it was easier with a string compare local ctx=$(kubectl config current-context 2>&1) if [ "${ctx}" != "error: current-context is not set" ]; then echo -n "<${ctx}> " fi } Blue='\e[0;34m' # Blue White='\e[0;37m' # White BRed='\e[1;31m' # Red IWhite='\e[0;97m' # White LightBlue='\e[1;34m' PS1="\[$Blue\]\t\[$BWhite\]\[$LightBlue\] \$(kube_context)\[$BRed\]\[$BRed\]\w\[\033[m\]\[$IWhite\]\$(__git_ps1)\[$White\]\$ " The snippet above yields the following prompt: